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Our Mission

We’re teachers helping teachers take control of assessment. Our mission is to make teachers’ and students’ lives better by creating tools that humanize and automate the process of giving targeted, actionable feedback to help students grow and make teachers’ jobs easier.

Analyze using learning objectives

Move beyond the ‘A – F’ grading scale. Learning-oriented assessment uses feedback from tests to help students learn, not just to produce a grade. Students will be able to describe what they’ve mastered and where they’re still developing.

Know what to teach tomorrow

“I taught this,” you say, “so why’d they get it wrong?” Tiro Test makes it easy to analyze errors so teachers can correct misconceptions. We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to. Teachers will be able to pivot and reteach something students didn’t understand.

Use mastery or standardized scores

Tiro Test helps teachers measure how well the test is actually measuring students’ knowledge and abilities. Teachers will be able to statistically validate good tests and confidently say “Yes, my students do know what they know.” Institutions and administrators will be able to highlight their school’s dedication to excellent assessment practices.

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