Tiro is a Benefit Corporation.

We are incorporated in New York state as a C-Corp with a Benefit Clause. What’s this mean? It means that our goal is not solely to make money like any for-profit company. It’s our mission to have a material, positive impact on society and the advancement of knowledge. Here’s what it says in our Certificate of Incorporation:

the corporation will create the following specific public benefits: providing education and tools that provide better learning experiences for students through informed, responsible, and innovative assessment practices. Our primary audiences are teachers, students, parents, school administrators, school district administrators, and state departments of education.

One thing we have to do annually is publish a report explaining how we benefited society in the past year. tl;dr: As of late 2022, we’re still pre-user, so that benefit is on its way! Here are the benefit reports, published here publicly pursuant to New York Business and Corporation Law §1706. We have selected B Lab to be our third-party assessment standard and will work with them in the future when we have users.

Here is a link to our 2021 Form C Filing with the SEC.