Tiro for teachers – free. For life.

We’re teachers and techies building tools to make teachers’ and students’ lives better. That takes time and we really appreciate you trying Tiro out.

As a token of our appreciation, teachers who sign up for Tiro and collect test results from a class of students will receive FREE access to Tiro’s full suite of features for life. We plan on adding lots of helpful tools and widgets to improve Tiro’s functionality and, someday, we will have to charge for access to these advanced products. But use Tiro before June 2023 and get access to all Tiro’s future features for free.

Are you an administrator or out-of-classroom educator looking to use Tiro at your school? You know how much edtech services cost when you’ve got accounts for a hundred teachers and a thousand students. It’s pricey! If you join Tiro today and get teachers at your school to use it, we’ll give you access to Tiro’s full suite of school-wide solutions for just $200.

Got questions? Talk to us. You can email us at elliott@tiro.org to learn more.